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East Lothian Council Jan 2021 Update

East Lothian Council have released the following document detailing the response to the current new lockdown. The document is attached as a PDF or in full below. Please use the links in the document for further information. regards DART. Link to full pdf is https://dirletonresilience.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Briefing-for-community-groups-Jan-2021-FINAL-2.pdf New Year Update for Area Partnerships…

Welcome to

Dirleton Area
Resilience Team


Dirleton Area Resilience Team (DART) is part of the East Lothian Council Emergency Response Plan and is affiliated to the Gullane Community Council.

DART activities are activated by the ELC when appropriate to assist in local resilience / emergency issues.

A decision has been made to stand down DART following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and is effective from the 31st July 2020.

This website will stay in a relatively dormant state until the next re-engagement.

The newsletters will remain online and the information section will be amended from time to time.

The main Email and Phone line will remain active and monitored.


The DART Team.

DART is reliant on its volunteers to support the comminity. 

We would like to say to ALL the volunteers of all ages that have been a part of DART :


We could not have done this without you all.

P.s. (now the recruitment bit )if you would like to remain on the volunteers list or would like to register for future DART work then please email DART.Coordinators@outlook.com

Please CLICK HERE for a list of emergency and non-emergency numbers for all services

Recent Document and Website Changes

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