Situation Vacant – URGENT

Here is the full text of an email sent out by Anne Orr regarding the Village Web Site on 2nd June :

Unfortunately the village website ( has been malfunctioning for the last couple of months.   I have been running and updating the site since it was set up about five years ago, but unfortunately do not have the technical background required at this point to solve the problems with the site.  It is still online at the moment, and you can look it up for a variety of items connected to Dirleton, but it is now impossible to add new items.
 Clearly this has not been an ideal situation during the Coronavirus crisis – initial items were added relating to the pandemic, but unfortuntaely nothing new has been able to be uploaded or changed in the past month or so.
 The DIrleton Area Resilience Team (DART)  is now able to fill this gap with their own resilience-dedicated website which went live last week to keep village residents updated on issues relating to dealing with the pandemic in our local area.  This website can be seen at:
 The existing village website has recently been a joint enterprise of the Dirleton Village Association and Dirleton Good Neighbours.  It has been decided that five years is probably a good ‘innings’ for the current site, as technology has changed so much over this period.  I also feel that five years is also a good innings for running the site, plus I find that group emails to DGN subscribers using Mailchimp suits the communication needs of Good Neighbours.  So the DVA will be leading on setting up a new website for the village and finding new adminstrator/s. It may be possible to transfer items on the current site over to the new one as it is set up. Please send any correspondence regarding a new Dirleton village website to the DVA Chairman Rob Aberdein (
 Kind Regards
 Anne Orr
Previous Co-ordinator of Dirleton Village Website (now retired!)

If you fancy being the next administrator of the Dirleton Village Association Website – please send an email to Rob (

The current DVA Website can be found at

A big THANK YOU to Anne for having been the administrator and kept the village site running. Ed.

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