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Covid-19 Financial Welfare Leaflet

Welfare Leaflet – financial support during Covid-19.

Click HERE to download a copy.

Updates from mental health and well being teams in East Lothian

Please visit the Eastspace website for further information

Click HERE to see the full text of the email from Eastspace

Click HERE to go to the website.

Online Events to mark Carers' Week 2020

Please visit the COEL website for further information

Click HERE to go to their website.

Click HERE to go to their facebook page.

Read the original Email HERE

Download the event programme and timetable


Home School clip art

Online Home Schooling

Celebrity Home Schooling Resources

There are several well-know people offering free online sessions for home schooling.

We have put together a list of some of these sessions.

Please follow the link for the list

If you know of more or have info on the ones here email us

Edinburgh Book Festival

Book Festival to Present Online Festival in August 2020

Join us for over 100 free online events with your favourite writers from around the world…

North Berwick High Street Traffic Restrictions UPDATE

North Berwick Temporary Traffic Restriction Order (TTRO) not in force at present.

Following discussions and exchanges of views between the East Lothian Council and interested parties in North Berwick (and other coastal towns) the implementation of the TTROs have been halted for the present.

ELC will be consulting and looking at differing ways in the near future.

For now access and parking remains unchanged.

News Article with more information in the Courier :



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